CNN Superhero 2016, Pushpa Basnet

Pushpa Basnet is the CNN Hero 2012. Pushpa Basnet is also one of the most famous Nepali social worker and the Founder/President of Early Childhood Development Center and Butterfly Home, non-profit organizations, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her organization works to strengthen the rights of children living behind bars with their imprisoned parents.

Her first effort started by establishing a day care centre in a home in Kathmandu for children who were to live with their imprisoned parents behind bars. Her motive was to provide such children a normal life, by facilitating them with education, healthy food, sustainable environment and a path to a brighter future. Her day care centre is for children under 6 and also has arranged another residential home for elder children, for their further studies. Till now, she has assisted and helped more than 100 children.

Basnet was just 21 when she first wanted to help those in need. Her family ran a successful business and she was studying social work in college. As part of her studies, she visited a women’s prison and was appalled by the dire conditions. She also was shocked to discover children living behind bars.

The following are the awards that she has received till date.


CNN Hero 2012


Banquet in GW University, Washington

TEDx Kathmandu

ILGA Foundation Korea

CNN Superhero 2016