Some common Nepali words and sentences

Language is an important aspect of society and culture. To understand a culture of a place, it is helpful to know and understand their language. Before you visit a place or a country, it is better if you know their language so that you will not feel lost. Also, sometimes, knowing the language of a place can save you from embarrassment and confusion. It also prevents you from unintentionally using offensive and disrespectful words in front of the people.

You cannot learn everything in a short period of time but you could use some common words to begin with. For those non-Nepali speaking people coming to visit Nepal, here are some common and important Nepali words and sentences which might be helpful for you during your visit to the country.

Namaste – Greetings!

Sanchai hununcha? (Ke chha haalkhabar?) – How are you?

Sanchai chu (ramrai cha) – I am fine.

Ke gardai hununcha? – What are you doing?

Huncha (Huss) – Ok.

Hajur (Ho) – Yes!

Hoina (Nai) – No!

Ma – Me

Hajur, timi, tapai – You

Paisa – Money

Pani – Water

Khana, bhat, bhuja – Food, meal, rice

Khana khanu bhayo? – Have you eaten your meal?

Khana khanu huncha? – Will you eat rice (meal)?

Khana mitho cha – The food is delicious or tasty.

Khaja – Snacks

Chiya – Tea

Ma auchu – I will come.

Ma janchu – I will go. Or, I am leaving.

Yo thau kaha chha? – Where is this place?

Dinus – Give

Linus – Take

Janus – Go

Hidnus – Walk

Dhanyabad – Thank you!

Pheri vetaula – See you again. Or, we shall meet again.

Tapailai vetera ramro lagyo ­– Nice to meet you.

Ramro – Nice, beautiful

Ma Khusi chu – I am happy.

Malai mann paryo – I like it.

These are some words and sentences that might be helpful when you visit Nepal as these are some commonly used sentences and words. Also, these words are easy to understand and fast to learn.