Communication Corner Nepal

Communication corner is Nepal’s largest independent broadcasting organization established in 1998, that caters news of politics, business and economics, society, entertainment, sports, science and technology, health, agriculture and various other topics. It runs Ujyaalo 90 Network, a combination of FM stations, satellite and online broadcast which values public service broadcasting. Communication Corner (CC) was established and is still operated by a creative and enthusiastic group of radio professionals dedicated to producing, broadcasting and managing innovative radio projects in Nepal.

The group of sixty media professionals and experts in its main office in Kathmandu and more than seventy reporters across the country has been actively working to educate and inform the general population through effective radio and training programs. It is also the pioneer in the radio program design, production, broadcast management and networking with various production groups and FM stations across the country. It’s Ujyaalo 90 Network broadcasts on FM 90 MHz from the Kathmandu valley and also broadcast news and updates through satellite audio broadcast as well as its online service throughout the country and worldwide.

CC also produces various programs that are focused on public concern and service. The programs include news bulletins, current affairs, magazine and serial and mini radio dramas along with designing and producing sponsored radio spots, PSAs and jingles. Its target audience range from urban elites to the rural and disadvantaged population as well as the youth across the nation and worldwide. It has been producing radio programs and campaigns with major focus on subjects like sustainable peace, development, reforms, human rights, post conflict issues, constitution making, education, health, etc. along with the daily lives of the common population.

It started to produce news and current affairs programs creating a radio network with 3 stations outside Kathmandu valley in the year 2000. From August, 2001 it started using internet to distribute audio for remote FM radio stations and on October of the same year, it used telephone hybrids to send real time audio to FM stations and also increased the partner stations from 3 to 7. It started using satellite broadcast system (V-SAT technology) since 2003. It launched Ujyaalo 90 FM in Kathmandu valley in the year 2007 and also launched the website . It started to operate office and broadcast system of the CC/Ujyaalo from its own corporate building from June, 2011.