Country Development Bank Limited (CDBL)

Update: The bank was acquired by Prime Commercial Bank Limited in 2017.

Promoted by a group of visionary bankers and developers, Country Development Bank Limited (CDBL) was established under the Banking and Financial Regulation Act 2063 BS and the Company Act 2063 BS. The bank that has adopted principles and values that competent, disciplined, highly motivated and professional developers and bankers would incorporate in any other bank gives high priorities to efficiency and ethical standards. The bank has earned its reputation of giving quality services to its customers and clients through the use of latest and innovative tools.

In order to contribute to raise the socio-economic standard, especially of those directly or indirectly associated with the bank, Country Development Bank Limited strives for bringing together the scattered droplets of monetary resource while offering competitive interest rates, utilizing its resource in the productive sector through innovative means. CDBL also encourages its customers and financial partners to bank on their choice as it believes in growing together by assuming good return on investments of all on board that are the promoters, depositors and borrowers. The bank, although is in its early phase, has gained success and has also been able to grow steadily with earnest effort.

The bank has expanded its coverage to other four locations apart from Kavrepalanchowk where its head office lays. Those locations are Sindhuli, Narayanghat (Chitwan district), Birgunj (Parsa district) and Butwal (Rupandehi district). The bank is moving ahead with the gradual expansion plan in the process of ultimately covering the whole country in future. The bank aims to establish itself as the bank of priority and first choice bank when it comes to meeting financial and banking needs of the customers. For this purpose and to meet its aims as well as the varying needs of the customers and clients, the bank has brought various products on offer. The products offered by Country Development Bank Limited are Current Account, Call Account, Saving Account (Normal Saving Zero Account, Normal Saving Account, Country Special Saving Account and Country Super Saving Account) and Fixed Account under deposit and saving account schemes and Agricultural, Production and Processing Industry, Transport, Machine, Production and Install, Housing and Construction, Communication and Utilities, Business, Financial Institution, Insurance, Services (Tourism and Hotel), Other Services (Advertisement, Health and Entertainment), Consumer Loan (Housing, Hire-Purchase, Education, Employment, Contract and Others) and Other Loans (Overdraft, Import-Export, Miscellaneous, Loan Against Fixed Deposit, Loan Against Share and Bonds and Loan Against Other Bank and Financial Institution Guarantee) under its loan schemes. Besides these, the bank also provides other services such as ATM and debit cards, Remittance, Evening Counter, 365 Days Banking Services, Clearing House Member, Cheque Encashment, Guarantee and Locker. For further details, contact:

The bank was acquired by Prime Commercial bank Limited in 2017 along with Biratlaxmi Bikas Bank Limited.