Dairy Development Corporation (DDC)

Milk and dairy products are an integral part of our diet and especially in Nepal, milk is considered as one of the best sources of protein and vitamin. Hence, milk products, too, are popular in the daily diet of people. Although in Terai region as well as Mountain region along with some rural areas, people keep cows and buffalos as domestic animals for extracting fresh milk for consumption in the family as well as for selling, it is not quite possible in the urban areas. Thus, in order to meet the demands and needs of milk and dairy products in urban areas, many local dairies and corporations are established among which one of the most popular is Dairy Development Corporation, which we commonly know by the name DDC. Rare are the houses which do not use one or more of the DDC products and especially in Kathmandu, rare are the people who have not consumed any of the DDC product during their lifetime. From kids to elders, DDC is popular among all for its variety as well as quality of the products.

Established under Corporation Act 2021 BS, Dairy Development Corporation, popularly known by its acronym DDC, is a complete state owned corporation initiated for the economic development of the poor farming communities. The corporation has been successful to earn itself a reputation and has flourished into a nationwide movement with an annual collection of over sixty million liters of milk from more than seventy five thousand milk producers through 888 milk cooperatives spread out in thirty three districts.

ddc products

The company has fully modern dairy plants, eleven cheese manufacturing units, forty five milk chilling plants and highly qualified dairy specialists, all of which make it precious part of economic development of the nation.  Established with the objectives of providing a guaranteed market for milk to the rural farmers with fair price, supplying pasteurized milk and milk products to urban consumers, developing organized milk collection system to meet increasing demand for pasteurized milk and milk products and developing an organized marketing system for milk and milk products in urban areas, DDC makes sure that it meets its objectives with sincerity and honesty without compromising with the quality of the products.

Some of the products manufactured by DDC are Paneer, Mozzarella Cheese, Kanchan Cheese, Yak Cheese, DDC fresh 200 ml with Bottle, DDC Ghee (pet jar, poly pack and Yak Ghee pet jar), Butter Block, Yak Butter, Cream fresh, Canned Rasbary, Rasbary loose, Lalmohan Loose, Special Yogurt, Probiotic Yogurt, Strawberry Fruit Yogurt, Mango Fruit Yogurt, etc. available in various quantities and packages. Dairy Development Corporation, with its head office at Lainchour, Kathmandu, has been collecting cow, buffalo and chauri milk from forty districts through the farmers owned Milk Producers Cooperative Society (MPCS).

Its KMSS and BMSS has been supported by Hetauda Milk Supply Scheme which supplies excess milk above their local requirement. Also, Biratnagar Milk Supply Scheme manufactures skimmed milk powder from its excess milk and also the excess milk from other supply schemes. DDC, with its efforts and works, has been playing a special role in contributing to uplift the economic and social status of the rural farmers which has earned the corporation recognition of being an effective tool for poverty alleviation.

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Dairy Development Corporation (DDC)
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Tel: +977-1-4411710/ 4413696
Fax: +977-1-4417215
PO Box: 838
Email: info@dairydev.com.np, dairydev@mos.com.np
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