Dechenling Beer Garden and Restaurant

Situated cozily in quiet yet not too difficult to locate corner in Thamel, Dechenling Beer Garden and Restaurant is a warm and welcoming restaurant with tented chairs and massive fireplaces for groups of give or more, cozy indoors for fine diners, heated properly for pleasant experience and cozy bar enclosed inside a beautiful garden. Moreover, there will be guests strumming traditional Himalayan instruments sometimes.

It is a perfect hangout for families and large groups of friends, especially during the winter as their fireplaces go beyond the typical rather light-than-heat generating facilities, warm and professional hospitality, simple yet lovable food and diverse menu. If you are searching for a place to have dinner, Dechenling might be a good choice.


For the four course dinner, starting from appetizer to snacks to main course and ending with a dessert, ordering following cuisine might be a safe choice. The deliciously cooked chicken barley soup seasoned with mild basic seasoning is a power-packed appetizer to begin with. The meatballs done with mild spices and typical herbs have a juicy texture and are complemented by the sauce and if you ask for a reduced sauce, you will be served your meatballs with gravy rather than broth. The Tibetan Shabalay consists of deep fried meat patties with a filling of mildly herbed and spiced minced chicken. The Butanese fixed menu might be a great choice for the main course as it is one of the many items Dechenling is famous for. The fixed menu incorporates all the fares on offer on their mains for Bhutanese. Plain rice served with a veggie curry, a chicken or pork paa, and dips is enough to leave your stomach full but heart wanting more. The veggie of mushrooms and potatoes are best for kids and grown-ups who are not allowed or do not prefer spicy foods. However, the dessert on the fixed menu might be disappointing for only being sliced banana and apples, the main course is enough to make you forget all about the dessert.

Located in Thamel in the lane next to Himalayan Java, Dechenling Beer Garden and Restaurant is a perfect place if you want to have Bhutanese and Tibetan fares for dinner. Minimum of two thousand rupees will buy you dinner for two including the drinks, however, price may vary.