Delhi Durbar Restaurant for Indian Cuisines

Specializing in the Indian cuisines, Delhi Durbar Restaurant is a comparatively recent establishment by a highly experienced culinary expert. Established by Gopal Singh, Delhi Durbar brings to you all those delicious and spicy Indian cuisine that you had only watched in the cookery shows.

Then menu is thick and neatly arranged with the names of expertly prepared dishes. Although, the menu has a wide range of dishes to select from, you will not be disappointed with any of it. The course meal, for dinner, began with the veg. HaraBhara Kebab served, with plain yet tasty chutney. The kebab was made by mixing peanuts and leaf vegetable together in the batter of besan. After the kebab came the French Fries which definitely was crispy and crunchy unlike most of the restaurants that simply serves what looks and tastes like a stir fried potato gone wrong. The Corn Chilly was a relatively new cuisine introduced in the restaurant and it indeed was wonderful, perfect in terms of spices and cooking, as the owner has assured us of.

delhi durbar

For the main course came the Makhmali Kofta and indeed, it was soft and smooth like Makhmal. It was served with Rumali Roti which, in fact was an appropriate name for it as the roti was closer to the size of a small circular table cloth. The roti, although large, was soft and tasty when hot, however, if it grew cold, it you will have to use both your hands to tear it. Daal Makhani was a treat and although not too spicy, the Butter Chicken was smooth with soft pieces of chicken and buttery gravy.

The Tandoori Chicken was juicy and soft so that the inside of the chicken pieces were also filled with spices. For the desert, their specialization and most of the people’s favorite Gulab Jamuns (sweet red balls) were served in a cute looking bowl with a cute spoon.

The place is neat and wide and the lower floor serves as a kitchen on the left and the sitting area in the remaining part. Also, a bar is stands at the left hand side, just in front of the kitchen. The top floor on the roof top serves as a party hall with splendid view of the wide six lane Koteshwor road. The restaurant is situated in Koteshwor on top of a building that also house tax collection office.

Delhi Durbar Restaurant is owned and operated by Gopal Singh, who has the experience of working in Indian restaurants in India for about 25 years, in Italy for 8 years and even when in Nepal he had been associated with some of the best hotels and restaurants in Kathmandu before he opened up his own venture.