Deshemaru Jhya, an architectural wonder

Kathmandu, the land of cultural and architectural wonders has at least a piece of art in almost all of its nooks and crannies. Around the corners in Kathmandu, especially in the areas with cultural history, there is one or more culturally significant artifacts found.

Talking about the culture, the houses in the valleys in the ancient or the pre – modern era were built with mud and brick using woods for support. The major attractions of these houses were usually their wooden carved windows or doors. These beautifully carved windows are one of the finest examples of Newar art and artifacts. The most common type of traditional window (frames) was the Aakhi Jhyal. Found in almost all of the ancient buildings, palaces and mountains, this window is usually rectangular surface with checkered part in the middle. Although it is traditional and is culturally significant, it is not rare like the Deshemaru Jhya.

deshemaru jhya

Standing out because of its unique pattern, Deshemaru Jhya gives distinct three – dimensional look which is considered as the greatest asset of the window. Although culturally significant, this window installed in a private home in Naradevi lacks proper attraction and is in dire need of preservation. One of the reasons for it being ignore, probably is the area it is situated in which is not so touristic, lacking proper attention. Deshemaru Jhya is a deeply carved window with a shape that resembles a three – dimensional structure has the surface which gives way to a caved structure that leads to a square frame with a small checkered part resembling the popular Aakhi Jhyal style.

Kathmandu is not only the place of kings and merchants but is also a living museum of cultural heritage and a fine exhibition of Nepali (Newari) art and artisans. Kathmandu offers the views of many wonderful and artistic wonders (windows) in almost all of its corners, but standing out among these wonderfully carves windows is the artistic asset called Deshemaru Jhya. However, this wonder of Nepali art and craft is in need of preservation.