Destination Dhankuta

Situated some 56 kilometers north of Dharan is the beautiful town of Dhankuta also known as the queen of the hills because of the scenic beauty it offers. The district headquarters of Dhankuta is the Dhankuta municipality which is also the headquarters of the Eastern Development Region. It is also the commercial center for the northern districts as it lay in the middle of the region. Newari, Kiranti and Indo-Aryan groups mainly constitutes the population of the area.

It lay at an altitude of 1,200 meters above the sea level and is famous for its orange groves and leafy scenery with the backdrop of the mountain streams, their crystal clear waters and the green pine and oak forests. It also serves as the base for trekking in the Kanchenjunga region. Dhankuta is easily accessible via motors and also a trek of about five hours uphill from Bijaypur takes you to this ancient Newari town. Moreover, you can trek off the road through the many small wayside villages with tea houses and bazaars which takes about two days to reach here.


One of the famous places in Dhankuta is Hile which is located about 13 kilometers north of the bazaar. This place is famous for its scenic beauty and the panoramic view of Sagarmatha (Mt Everest), Malakhu, Lotshe and Kumbhakarna mountains. Another popular place is the small hill station called Bhedetar which is one of the popular tourist destinations in the district, both in terms of national as well as international tourism. The place is famous for its cool weather and the panoramic views of the mountains and the Himalayas, the plains and the green fields, Saptakoshi River and Dharan bazaar that could be seen from the tall point known as Charles point, named after the British Royal Prince Charles when he had visited the place. It also serves as a gateway to Dhankuta and Panchthar districts and from here, you could also trek to the famous temple of Goddes Pahtibhara, situated three kilometers west of the place.

Another beautiful place situated here is the Rajarani valley, which is a place of historical significance and is also believed to be the capital of Limbu kingdom in the past. The place that once had two ponds called Raja and Rani now lay as plain areas. Uttarpani is a small bazaar surrounded by the rhododendron forest, ponds and pasture lands which makes it beautiful for visit. Also, adding up to its beauty is the clear and majestic views of the Himalayas to its north.

Situated at the east of Hile bazaar in Tankhuwa VDC of the district, Sinduwa is a beautiful small establishment with surprising scenic beauty. The Himalayan views serving as the backdrop for the lush green forest at the foreground makes it a wonderful place for visit. Pakhribass, an agricultural firm, is also situated in a beautiful place to the northwest of Hile. The visit to this place provides an opportunity to have a glimpse of the project dedicated to agricultural development in Nepal with the aid of the British government.