Destination Dolalghat

Dolalghat is a beautiful place located few kilometers away from Kathmandu. A place with quiet and peaceful river flowing between two peaks, Dolalghat is often considered as a picnic and shooting spot.

A beautiful place to be, Dolalghat offers the magnificent views of the snowcapped mountains at the back while the front is adorned with comparatively shorter hills. The river and the wide shore on one side of it allow the visitors and the excited picnickers to relax and enjoy its beauty and peace or play in the sand like crazies.

One of the best places to go on a picnic for the people living in the Kathmandu, Dolalghat offers not only the majestic mountains to watch on or the beaches to relax and play on but also the quiet river to be explored whether you walk at its edges that are shallow or swimming through the deeper parts.

dolal ghat

People come to Dolalghat for various purposes. Some come with their families and close friends to enjoy the peace and freshness away from the crowd of the cities while there are others who come here to get wild and crazy with their friends. The place also has the visitors who come here alone to spend some time for themselves seeking solitude and relaxing in its quiet and peacefulness.

The riverside observes hundreds of people almost every day, coming because of their own reasons. Also, the shooting of Nepali movies (songs) and music videos are common here. Moreover, the way to Dolalghat is interesting and exciting as you ride through the hills going past the tallest standing statue of Lord Shiva in Sanga and the beautiful town of Dulikhel in Banepa. Throughout the journey, you are accompanied by the green hills, flowing water, small towns and villages all with the backdrop of beautiful snowcapped mountains.

However, some careless visitors tend to throw the beer bottles into the river, breaking it into the pieces and polluting the river as well as the shore. Nevertheless, if you are careful while you walk along the shore and into the water, the experience of being in Dolalghat is wonderful. It also has restaurants and lodges to cater to your needs and demands.