Destination Ghandruk

Ghandruk, the second largest Gurung village in Nepal at the height 1,940m of North Kaski, is bliss for those who love trekking.

A couple of hours drive from Pokhara takes you to Nayapul from where the journey begins on foot. The plain route from Nayapul offers the heavy residential area, wide and open roads and the view of Annapurna and Manaslu. Taking a right from Birthati after crossing the Modi River marks the start of the five hours steep uphill trail.

The view it offers is so beautiful that the climb doesn’t seem to be painful. The surrounding area is covered with the views of snow clad mountains and green hills. The mountains look like they are clad in a green gown with a foggy lace neckline. Although the residential and market area are few en route, the desire to reach the top keeps you going.

 The view from the top is breath taking. Although the place is comparatively expensive, as they have to walk all the way down to buy every necessary material, the place is rich in hospitality and culture. The Gurung village looks like a small fairytale kingdom with all those similar houses close to one another.

The best part is watching the sunrise from the highest spot of the village. The early morning ray of sun falling on the snow clad Annapurna Himalayan range is mesmerizing. The Macchapuchre (Fishtail) Mountain looks so pure and serine, all you want to do is to be lost in its mesmerizing beauty. This whole experience makes the trek worth it.

The traditional Gurung dresses are available on rent for taking pictures. Also, the museum can be viewed to know their local culture better. You could always take a handicraft souvenir with you along with the beautiful and adventurous memories of the place.