Destination Okhaldhunga

Situated in the eastern part of Nepal, Okhaldhunga is a beautiful district with most of its part being hills and mountains. The district is bordered by Khotang in the east, Ramechhap in the west, Solukhumbu in the north and Udaypur and Sindhuli is the south. The district with the area of 1062 sq km has its headquarters set in Okhaldhunga bazaar.

This beautiful district is not only rich in natural beauty but is also rich in terms of cultural heritage. One of the famous temples of the Hindu Goddess Durga (the goddess of power), the temple of Chandi Devi, lay in Okhaldhunga. The worship of the goddess is stands as an example of the assimilation of Tibeto-Burman and Indo-Aryan religion and this sect is influenced more by the Tantric traditions and is mostly observed in the various places of the district.


Situated in Jantarkhani VDC is the Tolu Gumba which is a famous place of pilgrimage for Buddhists, especially belonging to the Sherpa community. The monastery that enshrines brass, wooden and concrete image of Lord Buddha stands in a very beautiful and attractive place that calls for at least one visit.

Another cultural destination in the district is Chandisthan Gupha (cave) which is situated at Ragini VDC, west of the Okhaldhunga district headquarters. This approximately 299 ft long cave where the hot wind blows all the time is regarded as a mysterious place of religious significance. The cave can be approached up to 100 ft with the assistance of artificial lighting.

The major rivers flowing through the district are Sunkoshi, Dudhkoshi, Malung, Sera, Sepli and Thothekhola with the major waterfalls being Pakali, Salabu, Dhikure, Serna, Ratamate Bhuseni and Sepli. The major cultural practices and the predominant language used here are Tamang, Rai, Nepali, Magar, Sherpa, Newari, Sunuwar, Gurung, Satar, Mathali, Limbu, Abadhi and Bhojpuri. The places of major tourist attraction in the district are Okhaldhunga, Rumjatar, Kudkabeni and Kakani. The district can be accessed by flights from Kathmandu as well as road from different parts of Nepal.