Destination Pinthali

Pinthali is a small village situated at the distance of 70km east of the Kathmandu Valley. The village is about one hour and forty minutes ride from Dhulikhel town. Although the village is small and farther than Kathmandu valley, it is way more developed than any other villages in Nepal.

The village of some 160 households, a primary school, farms, and corn and wheat field is one of the first villages of nation to have a proper irrigation system. And the interesting thing is that the irrigation system was an initiative of a single woman, Beli Lama, in 2016 B.S. Also, unlike most of other villages, every child in this village goes to school and most of the women here take adult classes. The village has stable economy, relatively high education rate and the people here are self-reliant. In other words, the village is way ahead in terms of development compared to other villages in Nepal. Pinthali has a majority of Tamang community and the people in this village are warm and welcoming.

The best thing to do in this village is to hike and see the village, talk to the friendly people and enjoy the fresh air accompanied by the rhythmic chirping of the birds. Although the village is touched by the air of development, it has not lost its ethnic beauty and traditions. Pinthali still reflects the lifestyle and the culture of its residence. A chautari on top of the village welcomes its visitor and serves them with the gentle breeze and rhythmic twitter of the birds. Laying on the chautari letting the gentle breeze caress you while the birds entertain you with their melodious voice is a moment of bliss everyone desires but could not get in the hustle and bustle of the cities and towns.

Pinthali does not offer scenic beauty or a mountainous view, what it caters is a wonderful way to escape from the polluted air and horns and noises of the vehicles and enjoy the silent melody. It is a perfect getaway from the busy life to get some time for you to lay back and be lost in the silence.

You can take a bus to Dhulikhel and then to Mangaltaar but the best way to go is on a bike. Just grab your camera, a bottle of water and light snacks or fruit and you are ready to go.