Development Project Service Center

Dedicated to the overall development of poor, children, women and marginalized group particularly living in the rural parts of the country, Development Project Service Center (DEPROSC- Nepal) is a micro finance company established with the vision of seeing a peaceful, prosperous and empowered rural Nepal. The major mission of the company is to enhance the participation of rural people in general and poorest of the poor, children, women and marginalized ethnic groups in particular in their development process through social development, livelihood improvement, rural finance and natural resource management.


With commitment to empower rural people for attaining self-sustaining, socio-economic uplift through a package of policy research, action research and training DEPROSC- Nepal considers it its major objectives to act as an intermediary between development programs of government, NGOs, bi-lateral and multi-lateral projects and local, enhance the capabilities of community based organizations through appropriate training and involving them as partners in development intervention process, organize different skill training programs for disseminating improved technology in agriculture, livestock and off-farm activities, provide support services to local institutions for the development of agriculture, irrigation, drinking water, cottage and rural industries, forestry and alternative energy and encourage them to undertake feasible and appropriate enterprises, promote equal access to opportunities, resources, ownership and participation for women and underprivileged groups, provide micro-finance services in rural area and social mobilization to sensitize and communities through community organizations.

The organization that has been working to implement development projects in rural areas of the country for nearly twenty years has started working in western region of the country with the focus in the hills of mid western region since 2002. It had implemented projects such that were supported by United Nations (UNICEF, WFP, DFID and UNDP) in the remotest parts of the Karnali zone even during the time of conflict. It has also implemented humanitarian assistance known as Emergency Operation for the first time in Nepal. The project meant for drought affected people in mid western region was supported by UN/WFP. Since 2007, the organization has been working in the field of disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction under which it also performed emergency operation during Koshi flood that occurred in 2009.

DEPROSC is not only involved in implementing action programs for people’s benefit but also conducts research and studies. All of its works, action programs as well as researches are categorized into different areas based on four departments namely, Social Development Department, Livelihood Improvement Department, Rural Finance Department and Natural Resource Management Department. The Social Development Department deals with the programs related to institutional development, child development, improvement in education, health and nutrition sector and women empowerment and inclusion. Livelihood improvement deals with the issues such as humanitarian assistance, technology transfer, extension services, organic farming and commercialization of agriculture and livestock while Rural Finance Department offers micro-finance services. Natural Resource Management Department looks after the issues and projects such as water and sanitation, irrigation, NTFPs, leasehold and community forestry.

For further details on the center and its projects, contact:

Development Project Service Center
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