Dhigur System of Thakalis in Nepal

It is a system of financial co-operatives among the Thakali community in Nepal. Dhigur contributes in the economic securities of the Thakali communities. In this, several friends and relatives come together and contribute equal share which is decided by their consent. The membership in a Dhigur usually consists of 20 to 25 people. The chunk of money is usually give to one member of the Dhigur on the basis of immediate need or lottery while the members who have less immediate need usually wait for their turn. It happens periodically, often recurring in the same timeframe.

It is an ideal organization for the trading community. It builds unity and solidarity among the members of the Dhigur at the same time helps them improve their social and financial status. It is conducted by informal set of rules and process, however, in today’s society, it is found to be active more like a profit oriented business. And not only the Thakalis but people of all communities have their own Dhigur or the Dhukuti group.