Dhikri in Maghe

One of the most popular food items among the people belonging to the Tharu community, Dhikri is a special cuisine made especially on the occasion of Maghe festival that falls on the first day of the Nepali month of Magh. Maghe is celebrated with much enthusiasm and rejoice and the people belonging to the Tharu community, living especially in Kathmandu, gather around the Tundikhel area to celebrate. The Tudikhel, on this day turns to a festive mood as the people sing, dance, cook and eat varieties of cuisines, especially Dhikri on this particular day. It is one of the most essential food items required on the day of Maghe.

Dhikri is popular among the Tharus and not only them, but whoever has ever been to Tundikhel on this day must have tried the dish and is familiar with its taste. It isn’t tasty itself and is rather a dull dish if not for the spicy chutney accompanying it. However, it is healthy and nutritious as it does not contain added spices, oil or any other chemical substances. Dhikri is made up of rice flour and it is the only ingredient required to make the Dikri.


The utensil that you need to cook Dhikri is less as well. It only requires a pot of boiling water with fire beneath it (where you cook), a dhaki (traditional woven fruit basket) and a piece of thin cloth. With these items and hand full of rice flours, you can make you Dhikri. It is more like a steamed rice cake, however, shaped like sausage.

For making Dhikri, first of all, you need to put water to boil. Now, take the rice flour and adding as little water as possible (avoid water if you can), shape it as a sausage. Then, place the dhaki over the pot of boiling water and place the cloth over it. Now, place the Dhikris on the cloth and cover it with the same piece of cloth. Let it steam for few minutes and your Dhikri is ready to be served. Serve it with your favorite chutney or simple with salt and pepper.