Diyalo Bikas Bank

Update: The bank merged into ‘Professional Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd.’ in 2013.

Established with the aim of providing quality personalized services to their customers taking into account the customers’ comments and suggestions, Diyalo Bikas Bank has its head office located in Banepa that lies some twenty six kilometers east of the capital city of Kathmandu. The bank was established sensing the need of justification of depositors’ value added money and services and indentifying this critical need and in order to provide esteemed value added services to the normal citizens with proper investments of Nepal’s esteemed bankers and enthusiastic promoters’ participation.

The bank was established as “B” class banking and financial institution licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank under Financial Institution Law 2063 BS. The bank utilizes the general public’s small savings of funds spread all over by collecting them in one place and proceeding ahead to use it in overall inclusive development of the nation and the society as a whole. The bank with its central office situated in Kavrepalanchowk district of Nepal is determined to use the funds in lucrative and productive business ventures like agriculture, industry, service, business, etc and are optimistic in getting help and support from the general public and also has the plans of extending its services by adding its branch office in other areas as well.

The Bank that aims to provide quality banking and financial services to its valued customers and clients offers various products and services in order to meet its customers’ demand and banking and financial needs along with fulfilling its aims and objectives. The products offered by the bank to its customers are Fixed Deposit, Diyalo Bal Bachat, Diyalo Shareholders Account, Diyalo Orange Saving Account, Diyalo Nari Saving, Diyalo Prime Saving, Diyalo Super Saving, Diyalo Sunaula Future Saving, Diyalo Saving, Diyalo IPO Invest Saving, Diyalo Diamond Saving, Diyalo Golden Saving and Diyalo Silver Saving under its Deposit and Saving Accounts Schemes and Trading Loan, Agriculture Loan, Personal Loan, Overdraft Loan, Hire Purchase and Vehicle Loan, Home Loan, Real Estate Loan, Education Loan, Service Loan, Fixed Deposit and Share Loan and Deprived Loan under its Loan and Advances Scheme.

The bank believes in customer satisfaction and prides itself for being able to do so. Although the bank does not have many branch offices at present, in future, it plans to establish several branch offices at various parts of the country for making its products and services easily accessible to its valued clients and customers.

The bank started joint operation with Professional Bikas Bank Ltd. in 2013 and merged into ‘Professional Diyalo Bikas Bank Limited’. The bank was later acquired by Laxmi Bank Limited in 2017.