Dudhpithi is a snack made usually for the kids and is more or less similar to daalpithi. The only difference, whatsoever, is the use lentil in daalpithi and use of milk in this one. Made especially by the people of Madhesi community living in Terai region of Nepal, this snack is considered to be nutritious for children as well.

It is easy to make and also good to eat, not to forget its health benefits. The process of making this useful and tasty snack is given below:


2 liters milk

250 gm rice flour

Water as required

Spices used in pudding



First of all, turn on the gas and put milk to boil in a deep pan. Then, with the help of boiled water, knead the rice flour forming smooth dough out of it. When the dough is ready, make large dough balls and flatten the balls into thin paper-like structure. Now, cut the sheet in the shape of nimki and put it into the boiled milk. Stir it properly and let it cook. Also add the spices that are used while making pudding (Kheer) into the milk. Mix it well and stir cook it until the flour pieces (pithis) are cooked. Also, allow the milk to simmer into half so that it leaves thick gravy. Your dudhpithi is ready to be served.