Education and Training in Mass Communication and Journalism in Nepal

Education in mass communication and journalism is a comparatively new concept, started around 30/5 years earlier. Tribhuwan University was the first to start teaching this subject followed by Purbanchal and Kathmandu Universities, respectively.

In the year 1976/7, Tribhuwan University (TU) started PCL studies in journalism in RR Campus. Three years later, Bachelors’ degree was started in Patan Multiple Campus which was brought to RR in 1981/2. In 1984/5, Prithvi Narayan Campus started PCL. Three years later People’s Campus (private college) started PCL under TU. Later in 1998/9, PN Campus started BA degree. In 2001/2, both PU and TU started Master’s degree in journalism. CJMC (College of Journalism and Mass Communication) and KCC (Kantipur City College) are affiliated to PU while only RR Campus provides Master’s level education affiliated to TU. In 2005/6, Kathmandu University started four year’s international level BA studies.

Nepal Press Institute, in 1984/5, provided 10 month training program in journalism. In 2001/2, it was upgraded to one year and only students with Bachelor degree were allowed to participate. Its central office is in Kathmandu but has regional offices in Biratnagar, Butwal, Nepalgunj.

Centre for Women development, Media Point Aavaas, Global Media, Communication Corner, Jamleshwor Institute, Smarika, etc. are institutions providing seasonal trainings.

In recent years, almost every college in the Kathmandu valley and also some of the colleges outside the valley offer the courses.