Elephant Polo

Chitwan is a home to another weird sport that you will hardly stumble upon.

Every November or December, the World Elephant Polo Association (WEPA) organizes an annual Elephant polo tournament on the airfield of Meghauli Chitwan, south west of Kathmandu and north of the Indian border.

The game is much like the horse polo. Usually there are nine elephants on the field (each team has four elephants, and one for the empire), each player sits behind an experienced elephant driver, players communicate with the driver to steer the elephant. This game originated from Nepal, is now played in many countries.

Teams participate from all over the world including Scotland, Thailand, England and Hong Kong. The local favorite, the Tiger Tops Tuskers, also takes part. After the day’s play all the players and guests have dinner in the Golghar, a traditional round house with a great bar.

Also known as the biggest sport in the world, Elephant Polo is a sport which has always punched above its weight. So if you are looking for adventure or just curiosity, visit Chitwan. You will just be  one among the flock of tourists that are drawn to this sport.