Espression Café

Established since November 2011, Espression is a new junction for a friendly and peaceful moment over a cup of coffee and tasty sandwich or piece of cake. A great combination between a café and a snack house, Espression is situated in Narayan Chaur, Naxal. The café is different from the traditional pattern of the coffee house as well as the snack house and boasts of something new and creative.

Catering to the guests from 8 am to 8 pm, Espression displays a very colorful and cozy interiors as well as the warmth of the delicious cappuccinos. It is a perfect place to take a break from the duties and it does offer everything that a human needs to take while taking break from their work. You can also order cakes as well as organize birthday parties there and it makes the birthdays all the more special for kids with the tasty cakes and cookies especially designed for the kids. The imported Swiss chocolate gives unique taste to all the cakes and pastry items with chocolate.


It was opened by Priya Singh Thapa with the objective of providing a chance to grab a sandwich for lunch before heading to the spa or fitness center in the same building and also while going back to work for the afternoon to the people coming to this corporate area. The items available here have an affordable price range and the service is also of very high quality. Two staffs are present here who are trained in bakery and are able to explain and give advises to the customers. The colorful and bright interior contrasts the grayish atmosphere of the valley and seems more welcoming than the city itself. Also, take-away are available for those who don’t have enough time to sit and enjoy their order as well as the ambiance of the place. The popular items on the menu are the BLT Espression sandwich, the cappuccino and Lavazza espresso and the chocolate cake.