Exploring the nature in Balthali village

Balthali village is one of the rich cultural villages set beyond the town of Panauti and Kopasi, 40 km away from Kathmandu. Situated at the convergence of Roshi and Ladku rivers, this exceptional village is an example of a typical Nepali village with terraced rice fields and ochre thatched farm houses.

This beautiful village offers spectacular views of some of the magnificent Himalayan ranges of Nepal in its northern horizon while its backyard is decorated by the high hills of lush green Mahabharat range. The lush green forest in the area accommodates various species of birds as well as plants. It is one of the best places to explore nature and go on bird watching expedition. The colorful forest of rhododendron, magnolia and Sal trees gives it a spectacular view making it rich in natural beauty. Also the authentic villages of Tamangs, Newars and other ethnic tribes make it rich in cultural heritage and beauty. Various trails lead to these cultural and traditional villages that are still untouched by the modernity. Many sacred and ancient monasteries and temples like Namo Buddha, Indreshwar Mahadev, Brahmayani Temple, etc. are located in this region. Hence, it is not only rich in natural beauty but also in cultural and religious heritage.

Balthali village is an ideal place for hiking and mountain biking experiences and to get away from the crowd and pollution of the city. Hiking to this village is a pleasure one would not want to miss. It also offers different types of short and long hikes from one day to five days. The place not only allows the visitors to explore the nature and discover the various species of birds but also takes you closer to the rural life of Nepal. The ethnic villages give the glimpse of what the life of the rural is like and how hard it is for them. Yet, the people are so welcoming and warm that one forgets her/his own troubles in their smiles. It is not hard to believe that at a distance of only 40 km from the modern and crowded city of Kathmandu lays a village so pure and untouched by the modernity.