The face behind Pawankali

Pawankali is a well known village girl often presented talking (interviewing) with some notable personalities of Nepal on Kantipur television. Yes, she is not real but a fictional character. However, the girl who sits there and calls herself Pawankali definitely is real and alive. The Bengoli beauty Mampi Gosh is the name of the girl who boldly points out and asks questions regarding any negative aspects her guests might have.

Pawankali has been entertaining the television audience for many years now, however, since past three years, the face and the looks of her have been changed with as the previous Pawankali was replaced by Mampi Gosh. It was a great challenge for her as she had to satisfy the audience who were habituated in seeing the previous looks of Pawankali. It was difficult and there had been complaints at first but if you try hard and work hard for something, it definitely works out. That is what happened with Mampi and today, she is the face behind Pawankali and is loved by her audiences.

The former RJ was offered The Pawankali Show when she first joined Kantipur TV. Her experience with the radio had been helpful for her as the show was a one take show and her past experience helped her to make fewer mistakes and speak confidently. She is no more just a presenter at the show as she has taken up its production as well. She is planning on bringing some changes to the show to make it look better, however, what changes will come would depend upon the decisions made by the team. The show is focused on bringing forward the negative aspects of the guest, who usually are the celebrities. Proper research are done rather than making assumptions or hypothesis before the questions are asked and also because it brings out the mistakes made by the celebrities, the show had been popular among the audiences.

She also does reporting for Kantipur Aaja and works with Today’s Youth Asia as a media trainer. Although she has got an offer for a movie and also some music videos, she could not take it as the contractual restrictions of the show binds her. So, she might be doing some music videos, but not the movie, if she still got some offers in the future after she had quit the show.