Faces Lounge and Bar

Standing out amidst the most happening places in Thamel is the Faces Lounge and Bar which has managed to create a hype within the short period of its establishment. The place known for rejuvenating parties also provides a place for regular Thamel music buffs by showcasing bands of immense talent. The lounge and bar premises is adorned by the framed images of celebrated international personalities such as sports stars, politicians, actors, actresses and performers. The dining area has an array of couches inviting the guests to sit under the sky of colorful florescent lights. It offers variety of options for usual bar hoppers as well as those seeking a bulk quantity of delicacies. It also offers batches of various liquors and glasses of exotic cocktails for the guests to choose from. However, among the over two hundred and fifty types of cocktails and drinks that are loved by many, the crowd’s favorite is BP 99.


The place not only offers wide varieties of cocktails and drinks but also has an assortment of food ranging from the infamous Italian styled pizzas to the local delights found around the town. While dining here, one can start the meal with Chicken Sadeko, a spicy dish prepared in traditional Nepali way that consists of the combination of hot chilies and the sourness of lime juice showered over the chicken. It is an ideal dish to order, especially by those who want to enjoy their meal with a drink. Another option could be the Mexican styled Nachos served with tortilla chips and salsa. Also worth trying here are the sandwiches and burgers along with the compact pizzas, however, the dishes such as King Fish and Married Chicken are must try dishes. Married Chicken is served as a perfect marriage of battered chicken dressed with a vegetable salad, layered on the edge of the serving platter which is not only in tasting but is also virtually enriching. However, those who are accustomed to typical Nepali food might be disappointed by the King Fish as the core of the fish served is rather blank despite of its creamy sour surface. The Fruit Yoghurt, an enjoyable light dessert is perfect for ending the meal for the night.

Faces Lounge and Bar not only prides itself in serving two hundred and fifty varieties of cocktails and an assortment of variety of cuisines but also in the maintenance of high level of security. The place is ideal for those who love to have an enjoyable meal along with few drinks to accompany them or those who love loud music and dancing with the DJ beats while they party with their friends.