Fewa Finance Limited

Update: The company merged with Biswa Bikash Bank Limited in 2015 and started operating as Fewa Bikash Bank Limited. It later merged into Gandaki Bikash Bank Limited.

Established under the Company Act 2053 BS and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank as a financial institution, Fewa Finance Limited came to operation in the year 2060 BS. With its head office at Chipledhunga, B.P. Chowk in Pokhara, the bank is promoted by a group of highly experienced and successful businessmen, traders, social workers and professionals having long experience in financial sectors. The company, within a decade of its establishment has been able to extend its services due to immense support, belief and help from its customers as well as the stakeholders.

The company was established with the objective of providing financial support to different productive and needy sectors by collecting the small and large savings all around the country for the overall development of the nation under the free economy policy of the Nepal government. It is a national level financial institution and is also the first financial institution of Pokhara city that is managed by professionals having long experience from Nepal Rastra Bank and other commercial banks of the country. The company is managed by a team of experienced professional who use the modern computerized and managed accounting system to operate the finance company. The company offers facilities such as 365 days banking, ATM service and ABBS (Any Branch Banking Service) to its customers and clients for their convenience.

The company established with the authorized capital of Rs 700,000,000, issued capital of Rs 300,300,000 and paid up capital of Rs 300,300,000 aims to provide the services to all ethnic group, all places and all kinds of people, also by extending its branches in different parts of the country. It also plans to increase its paid up capital in accordance with the directives given by Nepal Rastra Bank.

Company has brought various products and services on offer, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of its valued clients and customers. Some of these products and services are Normal Saving, Fewa Special Saving, Easy Saving, Fewa Attractive Saving, Shuva Laxmi Saving, Few Ex-Army Saving, Fewa Plus Saving, Smart Saving, Few Employee Saving, Fewa Jestha Nagarik Saving, Fewa Nari Saving, Fewa Super Saving, Fewa Children Saving, Fewa Utkristha Saving and Fixed Deposit under its saving and deposit schemes and Hire Purchase Loan, Home Loan, Business Loan, Industrial Loan, Educational Loan, Health Loan, Tourism Loan, Hydro Electricity Loan, Agriculture Loan, Social Loan, Foreign Employment Loan, Personal Loan, Medical Loan, Real Estate Loan, Project Loan, Loan Against Fixed Deposit and other loans under its loan schemes. Fewa Finance Company provides remittance as well as other services through its thirteen branch offices and one head office at different parts of the country for the convenience of the customers.

The company merged with Biswa Bikash Bank Limited in 2015 and started operating as Fewa Bikash Bank Limited. It later merged into Gandaki Bikash Bank Limited in 2017. The merged entity publishes combined quarterly reports.