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Having keen interest in creating and designing magazine and album covers in his school days led Niraj Bhari, to become the CEO of FinePrints (FP) located in Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu. Born in a business family, he was familiar with the business tactics but that did not led him to join the business he inherited rather he decided to open up his own venture.

The thought of establishing a publishing house came up when one of FP’s stakeholders, Ajit Baral wanted to publish his father’s work. The price amount quoted was unreasonably high at that time, so they decided to open up a publishing house without a prior concrete plan or marketing strategy. FP was founded in 2005 by two young book lovers who believed in reading and cherishing the books. Although the publishing house struggled financially, it stands out from competitors by angling for sustained growth. It has established itself as one of the most prominent publishing houses in the country within the short timeframe.

The company was started with an investment of Rs 250,000 while it has annual opening costs of Rs 10 million within seven years. They do not compromise with the quality of the books as they aim to create books that could meet the international standards. For this purpose, FP redefined book production by introducing lightweight paper in the country for the first time. It was very hard to walk on the path they had started and they almost shut down the company one time. However, the company picked up pace with Bhari’s idea of publishing Microsoftdekhi Bahundandasamma and since then, there has been no looking back.

Moreover, the popularity and success of the works they have produced like Seto Dharti by Amar Neupane that bagged Madan Puraskar and Aafnai Aakha ko Layama by Khagendra Sangroula that received the Padmashree Sahitya Samman have made FP more popular among the authors as well as the readers. Adding up to it, Karnali Blues by Buddhisagar and Open Secret by KP Dhungana has also become successful. The company that initially produced two books per year now produces more than two dozen books annually, this figure alone can give us the estimation of its success and popularity among the authors. Bhari plans to increase the volume significantly.

It also opened up a revolutionary path of paying the authors by announcing the pre-launch deal of Rs one million with Vijay Kumar Pandey for his upcoming book. This step is taken to encourage the fulltime writers to produce good literary works as it is hard for the writers, even the good ones, to sustain solely on the royalty of their books. FP also provides royalty of 15 to 20 percent to the its authors and Bhari claims that FP is the first publication that is immersed in branding authors through transparent transactions, unique text jackets and rigorous marketing. It aims to position the literature business as brand, utilizing its core essence to engage readers and encourage them to adopt reading culture. There is a hierarchy system in FP for effective management and if any conflict arises, it is solved by communication with the team members.

FinePrints has revolutionized the world of Nepali literature by organizing the Literary Festival every year and Bhari plans to launch an online service for FP and also organize Idea Summit in future. FP, although being a new publishing house, has gained more popularity than many others not only for the fine qualities of the books it publishes but also for the payment it pays to the authors.

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