FLYSKY International Aviation Academy Private Limited

Established with the aim to provide the best education possible, Flysky International Aviation Academy Private Limited is a leading company which, through its institute Flysky Academy, is aiding in the development and nourishment of skilled human resource for the service industry. A leading institute of Finishing Aesthetic and Aviation Management, Flysky Academy also offers courses on office secretary training, personality development training, leadership skills, sakes and public relation and reception technique among others. The institute that specializes in aviation, hospitality and personality development has introduced these courses as an additional benefit to the subject matters.

The institute which has the reputation of placing its students in some of the renowned companies offers several training programs that will help in the overall conversion of the students for better. The institute that started with handful of students with a single branch at Butwal named Sahara International College of IT and Aviation Center now has earned itself a reputation of being one of the leading institute in the sector of training and education in aviation industry. The team of dedicated and renowned professional instructors and human resource from different industries and streams train the students during the course and also give personal attention to each of the student to ensure that they are taking learning in an interesting way.

FLYSKY International Aviation Academy Private Limited

The institute is strict about discipline and it expects its students to follow the classroom discipline that constitute of maintaining punctuality, no smoking, keeping mobile phones in silent or off mode after entering inside the class, following the dress code in a presentable way, wearing at least three inches high heels and make up. The students need to secure eighty percent to be qualified for certificate during the tests and the institute, in order to help the students upgrade their level of studies, conducts two evaluation tests during the training.

The trainees will not be selected unless they meet the institute’s criteria of selection which requires them have education of plus two level or above, be 18 to 25 years old with height of 5’2″ for females and 5’7″ for males. They are also expected to weight according to their height with pleasant personality and clear eyesight without spectacles.

The institute helps the students become familiar with the cabin crew profession, its origin and current practice along with having flight experience. It also describes them the aircraft type and cabin crew function and teach them how to manage passenger interactions in variety of circumstances. Along with teaching them about different types of emergency and safety procedures, it also provides the students free career counseling and placement assistance. It helps the students develop self-confidence, reasoning capabilities and self-reliance along with teaching them fire fighting procedure, first aid training, ditching, swimming and rafting and physical training. The institute also provides free uniform and t-shirts to the students and gives them an official photo shoot.

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