Folk music icon Komal oli

Born in Dang, Komal Oli is one of the icon figures among Nepalese people in the field of folk music. Komal Oli’s career has moved consistently upward over the last two decades making her of the most successful artists of Nepali folk music. She is very determined and diligent artist whose performance has entertained a lot of people in the world of music.

Komal Oli was born to a musical family as her father used to sing bhajans constantly and she, along with him, began singing. Soon, she became attracted to the music and was lost in its world. With the good skills she had, she was not only encouraged by her parents but also by teachers to take part in local singing competition that in turn boost her confidence in performing in front of the huge crowds. A versatile person that she was, she was good in different extra-curricular activities such as debate and poetry recitations. She also got opportunity to represent the country as a runner in three SAF championship held in Dhaka, Islamabad and Kolkata.

komal oli

Talking about her studies, she did her schooling from Mahendra Madhyamik Vidhyalaya in Dang itself and later enrolled in Mahendra Bahumukhi Campus for graduation program in sociology and political science. A turning point came to her in 1990 when she participated in ‘Lok Geet Competition’ organized by Radio Nepal on occasion of Democracy day along wither sister Pragya and surprisingly she came in the second place. Then she was allowed to do recording of her first song ‘Sirai Ma Sir Fula’ which was her first step towards music career. In the short time, she started receiving offers for albums like ‘Rapti Ko Jharna’ which comprised of seven songs and became hit in the market. She won the ‘Dohori Geet Competition’ five times in row which added more recognition to her already started music career. Afterwards, she released Bolbums from which songs like ‘Bajho Khetma’, ‘Malmal Kiri Junkiri’ and ‘Bihey Bha Chhaina’ broke various records within the genre making her one of the most successful folk artists in the country. She has also given her voice in Nepali films like Mailo, Laxman Rekha and Mangal Sutra. She has received number of prestigious awards like Narayan Gopal Yuba Puraskar, etc.

Komal Oli, a talented singer, has been inspiration to those people who want to make career in the field of folk music with a message that nothing is impossible if it is done with great hope and faith.