Folk singer Jayananda Lama

Born in Sindhupalchowk of Nepal, Jayanand Lama is a well known personality in Nepali folk music scene. Apart from being known as a singer, he is also acknowledged and credited for his contributions to find and collect Pingual Lipi, the font of Nepali music. One who grew up listening and singing the songs of Bachhu Kailash, Lama took his first step in the world of music when he participated in a national competition and won a consolation prize at the age of 13 in 2027 B.S. He knew nothing about music then and it was only after studying music that he came to learn about it.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree in classical music from Lalit Kala Campus and his Master’s degree from Allahabad, India. He went to work at the RoyalNepalAcademy and in Radio Nepal as the Head of Folk Department from 2040 B.S. to 2045 B.S with musical knowledge he had. Since then, there has been no turning back.

[youtube][/youtube] During his time in RoyalNepalAcademy, from 2032 B.S. to 2047 B.S., he was assigned research work in various parts of the country and he was introduced to Nepali music fonts then. He spent 25 years of his life collecting and compiling the facts about these fonts which he had named after its originator Pingual. He has also published two books with reference to the subjects, named Sangeet Sidhanta and Nepal Sangeet Varnamala Ra Tamang Sangeet Anusandhan. He found signs like Swastik, Omkara and Trilok scribbled on doors, in temples and on bells when he visited different houses during his research. He later realized, with his knowledge of staff notations, that these were music fonts. He has been to different libraries from India to UK to analyze those fonts scientifically and although he had no problems doing research in these countries, he wasn’t allowed to enter any libraries in Nepal. However, he was successful to introduce this font among Nepali people, despite all the difficulties.

According to the legends, the Nepali music font was made by the person named Pingual who also made Eastern music during the medieval period. It was given to the gaines and when the caste system was introduced in Nepal and they had kept it hidden.

For his work and contributions, he was acknowledged at the 2nd Folk Music International Film Festival in 2012. With this discovery, he believes that Nepali Music could be preserved for future generations and he protected from degradation. Besides this, he has also contributed as many as ten folk albums, three contemporary albums and five Dohori albums. No far (2012) in his three decades long journey in musical fields, with is first album being Jayananda Lama ka Geet haru which came out in 2038 B.S.

Some of his other albums are Jayananda Lama ka Geet Haru volume 1, Jayananda Lama Ka Geet Haru volume 2, Modern song volume 1, Modern song volume 2, etc. He is also a professor of eastern Music and also acts in a comedy serial Jhyaikuti Jhyai. He has also has collections of folk tunes like Selo, Sorathi, Tarai, etc as well as dance tunes.