Folksong writer Surya Kumar Chhetri

Born in the year 2040 B.S. in Phidikhola village to father Padam Bahadur Chhetri and mother Basandhari Chhetri, Surya Kumar Chettri is a famous folksong writer in Nepal. Although naughty as a child, he was good in studies and very much interested in music. He did his primary schooling in the local village school and went to Syalbas for studying from grade six to eight and later went to Parbat for completing his School Leaving Certificate examinations.

After completing his schooling from Parbat, he went to Palpa and enrolled in Intermediate in Arts program in Tribhuvan Bahumukhi Campus in the year 2057 BS. From the same college, he completed his Bachelor in Nepali as well as Bachelor in Political Science and later joined the Ratna Rajya Campus in Kathmandu for his Masters in Arts with Major Nepali. He was highly influenced by music since his childhood days and even as a child, he used to listen to the folk songs on Radio Nepal in the evening and used to sing it next morning. As a child, he used play volleyball in the local field and used to swim in the Kali Gandaki River.

[youtube][/youtube] Although he was highly influenced by music, he was also interested in journalism and he often dreamt about being a journalist. During his career in music, he has released sixteen albums and has written around four hundred songs. He has also worked as a journalist and he started his career in journalism with Samachar Patra. Currently associated with the Ujjyalo Network, he has also worked as a journalist (news chief) in Shrinagar FM, Tinau FM, etc.

Believing the words of his mentor Satish Chapagain that to become a journalist one needs to sell papers and also read papers, he used to read the newspaper from top to bottom word by word and also worked as a hawker for three months. He later took training giving by Nepal Press Institute. His album Authi chino cha, released on Mangsir, 2062 BS, recorded 40,000 audio CDs and generated around NRS 3 lakhs. In the year 2066 BS, he came up with another album named Susan. He came to Kathmandu to record a song in 2058 BS during the rule of the King when newspapers and the other media were banned from disseminating news. He not only wrote songs for himself but also for others. Although he initially wanted to become a singer, when he saw singers like Raju Pariyar singing in the studio, he gave up the idea of singing altogether. One of the most popular Nepali folksong writers, Surya Kumar Chhetri also jobs as a journalist at many different media organizations.