Francois Driard, man behind Himalayan French Cheese

The creator of Himalayan French Cheese and one of the main initiator behind Kathmandu’s food revolution, Francois Driard has been busy constructing farm for the cows and making cheese in Nepal. He has constructed a new farm in Kakani on the Trishuli side, a new home for his cows and the elegant yummy cheese. This farm is bigger than the old one he has in Tokha.

It took him a long time to find the right land to construct his new farm and also the land had to be enough for the expansion. The popularity and demand of the cheese has soared up since the production of Himalayan French Cheese came to life. His products are not only popular in the local market but also in international with the orders for his product coming even from the five start hotels in India. It is not just the cheese that he produces anymore but also the succulent French sausages and specialty hams have been added to the list of the products at his farm. This increasing demand of his product and the potential of the market have led his French national take a leap and invest his future, here in Nepal.

Francois Driard

The farm in Kakani has a long cow house, a big cheese making room, a double-chambered curing cave and pigpen along with an underground manure tank for capturing cow waste and turning it into methane gas.

He has also started two organic markets in the valley, one at the 1905 restaurant in Kantipath on Saturday mornings and another at Moksh in Pulchowk on Sundays. This effort of his has helped to bring the specialized food producers in Kathmandu together. He is also a consultant for a new food import outlet named Sol in Babar Mahal which imports quality food from France, Italy and Spain. The efforts and interest of Francois Driard has helped to raise the status of Nepal as a quality producer of the gourmet cheese.