Fresh radish pickle

Radish is one of the most common and popular multi-purpose vegetables, multi-purpose as it can be used for many things. It is not only used to make vegetables and curry but also for making sinki, sandana and pickle. There are many varieties of radish pickle among which some could be stored in a bottle while others need to be eaten fresh. While the bottled radish pickle use pieces of radish, the fresh ones use grated radish most often.

One among many is the fresh grated radish pickle that is used during the celebration or get-together. The process of making fresh grated radish pickle is given below:

radish pickle


Grated fresh radish, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, salt, turmeric, lemon, green chili, and mustard oil.


First of all, wash and grate the radish and keep it in a large mixing bowl. Now, heat some oil in a pan and add splatter fenugreek and cumin seeds on it. Then fry the green chili until it turns color and then add turmeric. Now, pour the spice mixture over the grated radish reserved on a mixing bowl. Add salt and lemon to taste and mix all the ingredients thoroughly. When done, garnish it with coriander powder and serve it with rice or roti.

You could also mix it with potatoes. For that, boil the potatoes, peel its skin and then cut it into small cubes. Then, mix it with radish and other ingredients.