Galaxy Public School

One of the leading co-educational English medium schools in Kathmandu, Galaxy Public School was established in the year 1986 by Geeta Rana. The school that initially started in a tenement house with only nine students and two teachers today operates classes from Nursery to class twelve. Over the years, the school has grown into one of the largest schools in the valley with over 3296 students and four hundred qualified and experienced teachers and staffs.

Established with the vision of providing an all-round education to the children in which they are prepared to face any crisis in life with moral dignity and to become useful and loyal citizens of the country, the school considers Love and Service as its motto. The school strives to prepare the students to excel not only in their examinations but while choosing a profession in future as well and also imparts the qualities of tolerance, balance, independence with sound mind and spirit and high moral values into them.

galaxy public school

The major objectives of the school are to provide education to the students, unfold the inner potential of children, make the child creative and innovative, provide child-centric education, develop the personality of a child, popularize computer education and information technology, enable children to use English for communication, provide equal opportunities to both the genders, create an awareness among students about preservation of the environment & culture, the danger of drugs and the need for good health, prepare children for complete living, bring about qualitative improvement in education so that the standards achieved are adequate, achieve excellence in academics, establish a healthy relationship between the various agencies of education i.e. the School, the Family and the Society, expand education facilities broadly on the basis of manpower needs, provide value-based education to build up character, provide education to help pupils acquire useful knowledge and culture, prepare individuals for the society, provide education in order to relate it to life, needs and aspirations of the country, organize student-exchange programs for more interaction between students and to instill leadership qualities in students.

The school not only prioritizes providing education within the four walls of the classrooms but also encourage the students to participate in the extracurricular activities. The extracurricular activities offered by the school are intended towards contributing to develop the personality of the students and brining out their hidden talents so along with developing their confidence level so that in future, they would not shy away from any opportunities.

With a belief that proper education can be imparted to children only when the school, home and society work together, Galaxy Public School encourages the students to respect all positive religions and adopt best qualities and teaching from all religions. The education provided here is value-based education which is in tune with Nepalese culture and traditions. One of the largest schools in the Kathmandu valley and reputed all across the country, Galaxy Public School believes in imparting value-based quality education to the students so that they would grow up to be a moral and responsible citizen of Nepal as they grow up.

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