Garuda Bahini Temple

The temple of Garuda Bahini, famous for removing KalaSarpa Dosa and bad effects of various planets, is situated near Naxal in Kathmandu. It also falls into the category of one of the most popular temples in Nepal.

Considered as the power and Shakti of Lord Vishnu, Garuda Bahini Devi is an essential part of the Lord. She is also known by the names like Mahamaya, Lakshami, etc. A mythical bird or a bird-like creature that appears in both, Hindu and Buddhist mythology, the Garuda is the bahan (vehicle) of Lord Bishnu. Literal translation of Garuda Bahini is ‘the one (female) who keeps Garuda as a Bahan (vehicle)’.

Garuda is presented as a bird like creature having golden body, white face, red wings and an eagle’s beak but it has a strong man’s body and also wears a crown on the head. This ancient creature is huge enough to block out the sun.

The planetary positions in our birth charts give us a lot of trouble and tensions. Kal Sarpa Dosa is the condition in one’s birth chart in which all the planets fall between Rahu and Ketu. One has to suffer from unnecessary tension, unsuccessful work, financial and other crisis if there is this Dosa in their birth chart. Hence, in order to avoid and remove this condition from one’s birth chart or to remove the effects of this condition, a puja is conducted at the Garuda Bahini temple.

The goddess is also considered as the other form of Goddess Laxmi (goddess of wealth), wife of Lord Vishnu and one of the major three goddesses. The temple has various statues of the Hindu gods and goddesses like that statue of Lord Vishnu, Shiva Linga, Garuda and Buddha stupa.

Many people come to the temple to conduct puja and worship the goddess. It is believed that the after doing the puja here, the negative effects of the planets are stopped and transformed to positive energy and results.