Getting to know the ‘Sarangi’ singer better

Born on Falgun 26, 2027 B.S. Shishir Yogi is one of the renowned singers of Nepal. He has sung over hundred songs from Nepali modern to folksongs to patriotic songs. His most popular and most loved song was “Sarangi ta rete pani” from his first album . Yogi’s father was a farmer, hence, he had a very hard time recording songs to establish himself as a singer.

He was very much interested in arts and sketching as well. The natural landscapes, birds, animals and the beautiful ladies were the subjects of his portraits. His hobby was to draw the pictures of the beautiful ladies and gift them.

An interesting story is attached to his birth. He was born on the day of Shivaratri. His parents were getting ready to go the temple and when his mother started to descend the stairs, he was born. She hurriedly caught him with her two legs to prevent him from falling. He was covered in web which his grandmother cut off to take him out. His mother washed it and kept it locked in a cupboard until the day his brother found it and thinking it to be a paper, made a kite out of it. His grandmother assured his mother that the boy indeed was lucky which proved to be true in later days with his immense success in music industry. The web, if he still had it, might have brought more luck in his life, as it is believed that the web a baby was born with, if kept together with the baby will bring immense luck.

He finished his schooling from the Deukhori Ma. Vi. In the Bangaun village and joined R.R. Campus for I.A. in Major Nepali but could not complete it which he regrets to this day. Back in school days, he used to go fishing and later sell those fish. He saved some money and bought a radio with it. He was a profound lover of music and participated in many music competitions that he won as well. When he was in grade 8, he got the first position in singing in the Reyukei District Program.

He only had Rs 150-250 when he first came to Kathmandu. But fortunately, as soon as he descended the bus, he saw his friend getting off the bus through another door. His friend took him in and he lived there for next 6-7 months. He found a job as a supervisor and later started teaching at Sita School. He met the musician Amber Gurung and learned music with him for 11 years. He used to teach music to the children of Kanak Mani Dixit, a journalist by profession, who suggested him to record an album. He also offered financial help. He also passed the voice test in Radio Nepal, the only recording studio of the time. His first song to be recorded was “Dilko Pyaas Kaha Gai Bujhau”. Thus, with the help of Dixit and selling off some of his wife’s jewel, he recorded his first album Pahichan in 2048 B.S. he gave three hit numbers from his first album, one being “Sarangi ta rete pani bolcha mithai boli” which still is popular among the modern music lovers. The album earned him name and fame in the music industry but could not make money from the album.

Three years after the release of his first album, he came out with his second album Suskera, in which the songs represents the real stories of his life. The songs are sad and expressions of his broken heart. He believes the hurt and heart breaks in his love life made him a better singer.

He also brought out a folksong album Jamka Bhet. His other album Akarshan released in 2065 B.S. And after three years, in 2068 B.S. he came out with his new album Mod Modma that has the works of renowned musicians like Narayan Gopal, Amber Gurung, etc. He has included a song of Narayan Gopal written on a begger which could not be recorded during the Panchayat period because of the word “Sarvahara”. The song title “Ek Muthi Chamal” was written after Narayan Gopal saw the pathetic conditions of the beggars and requested his composer to compose a song on them.

His latest album Samarpan Unilai was released on 2012 A.D. He works as a music teacher for grade 5 in Chealsea Academy. He also does stage performances and other such programs.