Global IME Bank Limited

The bank named Global IME Bank Ltd. was established with a successful merger of an ‘A’ class commercial bank, Global Bank Ltd., a ‘C’ class financial institution IME Finance and another ‘C’ class financial company Lord Buddha Finance Ltd. The bank was established with a motto ‘The Bank for All’ which is also considered its tagline. While most of the commercial banks open their head office in Kathmandu, Global IME Bank Ltd. established its head office outside the valley, in Birgunj – the commercial hub of Nepal – witnessing the incredible potential the country offers outside the capital.

It aims to give necessary drive to the economy through world class banking service. The bank uses the world renowned software FINACLE, which provides real time access to customer database across all the branches and corporate locations of the bank, for its day to day operation. This customer database has also been linked to a Management Information System which provides easy reach to all possible database information for balanced and informed decision making. The bank also has a disaster recovery system (DRS) that was established in the Western Region of Nepal, some two hundred kilometers west of Kathmandu.

The bank has not only been successful to provide quality services to its customers but has also been able to achieve excellent diversification of its assets. The bank has a diversified national interest in hydropower, manufacturing, textiles, service industry, aviation, exports, trading and microfinance projects and many more. The bank is among the only five banks in Nepal that has been officially handling government transactions. The bank has a group of promoters that consists of indigenous entrepreneurs, well established and respected businessmen/industrialists in Nepal who have written a history of success in their field of ever growing business.

The authorized capital of Global IME Bank is NPR 25,000 million and paid-up capital is NPR 18,975.87 million. The promoters hold 51 percent of the bank’ share and the remaining 49 percent lay in the hands of the public.

The bank offers a wide range of banking products in deposits, lending, trade finance and remittances like saving deposits, fixed deposits, call and current deposits, demand loans, cash credits, overdrafts, trust receipts and term loans, etc. The bank also has value added services like SMS Banking services, SMS notification services, etc. Since 2009, it has been issuing VISA debit and VISA credit cards to its customers. The bank maintained correspondent relationships with 62 different international banks from various countries to facilitate trade, remittance and other across the border services. The bank also maintains its extension offices in India and Middle East to assist in the remittance of funds from overseas Nepalese workers. It has also been operating sixty branches throughout Nepal and with its 58 ATMs throughout the country, it has been providing quality services to its clients with ease and convenience.

Since its first successful merger, the bank has also merged with Social Development Bank and Gulmi Bikas Bank in 2013 and Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal Ltd. in 2014. The bank acquired Pacific Development Bank Limited and Reliable Development Bank Limited in 2017 and Hathway Finance Limited in 2019. The bank also merged with Janata Bank Nepal Limited, an “A” class commercial bank in 2019.

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Global IME Bank Limited

  • Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • P.O. Box: 19327
  • Phone No: +977-1-4226247+977-1-4228671
  • Fax: +977-1-4228036
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  • Swift: GLBBNPKA