The god with sixteen hands

The god of wisdom, knowledge, art and literature not only cures people’s diseases but also gives child to the childless. The lord not only has an elephant head and human body but Lord Ganesh also has sixteen hands for which he is known as Shorahate Ganesh. Popularly known as Jamal Ganesh, because of its location, the temple of Shorahate Ganesh is considered as one of the most powerful temples of Ganesh in Nepal.

Shorahate Ganesh is also known as Veer Ganapati or Veera Vignesha. People conduct puja here to get victory and remove obstacles in their lives. The statue of the Lord inside the temple is very unique and is built with Yang principle (male energy principle). People worship this Veer Ganesh before starting new venture so that they won’t have to face any obstacles. Thousands of devotees throng to the temple to worship the god every day with a belief that the Lord will bless them with success, prosperity and protection against the evil.

An interesting story is attached to the popularity and fame of the temple. It is said that a poor childless Brahmin named Shiva Sharma used to worship on this temple every Tuesday (as it is the day of Lord Ganesh). His devotion pleased the Lord and he blesses Sharma with a child and wealth. And since that day, the people started worshiping on the temple and the temple became more popular. The people worshiping here also feel the presence of positive energy and say their wishes have been fulfilled.

The temple is next to the famous Rani Pokhari (Queen’s Pond) opposite to Durbar High School. It is close to the end of the Sky Bridge in Ratnapark. The devotees coming here light oil lamps and butter lamps around the temple. The space created for placing the lamps covers the temple in square position. Devotees also offer modaka, laddus, raktachandana (red sandalwood paste) and red flowers to the Lord. Some also hang bell with their name inscribed on it, on this temple of the sixteen handed god, with a belief that their wishes will be fulfilled soon.