Gopi Krishna Movies Private Limited

Gopi Krishna Movies Private Limited owned by Uddhav Poudel, runs Gopi Krishna Movies, Gopi Krishna FM and TV Filmy established mainly to entertain and make people acquainted with upcoming movies in both national and international areas. The main purpose of these institutions is to make people more aware of movies especially Nepali, songs and the information about different artists, actors, etc.

Gopi Krishna Movies started as a theatre which at present, runs seven theatres under one roof named as Gopi, Krishna, Om, Namah, Shivaya, Meera and Radha. Among these seven theatres, Gopi is the largest and also luxurious one and when a new movie, specially Bollywood movie, is released, it is first screened here, then after the consecutive weeks, it is transferred to other halls respectively, whereas Kollywood new released movies are screened in Krishna, the second largest hall and is transferred to other hall in the consecutive week. The theatre operates four shows which are set at 8:10 am, at 11:10 am, 2:10 pm and 5:10 pm respectively. The morning shows offers 50% discount to movie viewers. The price for Nepali or Kollywood movie has been fixed at Rs 150 for the balcony and Rs 75 for the first class seats whereas the price is higher for Bollywood movie as Rs 200 for the balcony seats and Rs 100 for first class seats. Sometimes, the Hollywood movie dubbed in Hindi language is also shown in this theatre.

gopi krishna movies

Since it is located near Chabahil, it is accessible to all of the people living in Kathmandu valley and one can enjoy watching movie in a peaceful environment without any interruption, even load shedding, with its location and backup facility. The cinema hall is well organized with folding seats that provides the audiences comfort and ease. As seven theatres run at a time, one can choose movie of their choice and enjoy. The cinema hall is also facilitated with smoking zone and small shops that provide drinking and eating facilities to the people watching the movie.

Thus, Gopi Krishna gives an experience of watching the film different than others and that, too at, affordable price with 50% discount on all morning shows which has made this theatre one of renowned theatres in the Kathmandu valley.