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Established as a joint collaboration between leading Nepali business house (Khetan Group) and the Danish multinational company Carlsberg A/S in 1989, Gorkha Brewery Private Limited was and is one of the largest single foreign investments in Nepal. Registered in the year 1986, the company also started Brewing and Marketing Sam Miguel beer on the license agreement with the San Miguel Brewing International Limited, Philippines since 2004. The factory is established on the banks of Narayani River in an area of seven hectares. The first international brand beer to be introduced in Nepal was Tuborg which was launched in May 1990, followed by Carlsberg in 1995.

Gorkha Brewery has grown to become the market leader holding more than eighty percent share of Nepal’s beer market, changing the Nepali beer industry forever. The brewing quality is of international standards and it maintains stringent quality control, efficient and nationwide distribution, cutting edge marketing and sales strategies and prudent financial management. Gorkha Brewery also received the Golden Word Award – 2000 for its outstanding ability to live up to the highest quality mark in production standards among sixty-six other Carlsberg breweries. It is also the efforts of the team working efficiently and dedicatedly for providing quality products to keep up with the reputation of the company.

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The company also has the most modern and complete wastewater treatment plant in the region which has the capacity to reduce biological oxygen demand to well below 10mg/lt to the international standards. It has also won many words of praise and has become a place of study and interest to many environmentalists, scholars and students because of its dedication to protect the environment through this plant. The company was established with the vision of becoming one of the leading beverage companies in South Asian region in terms of quality, innovation and value to stakeholders.

Gorkha Brewery, today, brews and markets products such as Carlsberg Beer, Tuborg Beer, San Miguel Beer, Royal Danish Tuborg Strong Beer and Gorkha Beer and it has, since its establishment, been successful in presenting itself as undisputed leader in the beer industry of Nepal. The company was first established with the introduction of Tuborg Beer in Nepal in 1990, followed by Carlsberg Beer in 1995 and Royal Danish Tuborg Strong Beer in 2002. It further extended its range with the acquisition of San Miguel Beer in 2004 and then diversified itself into a beverage company with the launch of Jolly Shandy and Jolly Lemonade in 2006. In the same year, it launched the Flagship Brand of Gorkha Brewery, Gorkha Beer – The Authentic Himalayan Brew. In the year 2007, it took its first step towards wine manufacturing with the launch of Invenio wines and later in 2010, it started the distribution of an enery drink called Red Bull.

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Over the decades, since its inception, Gorkha Brewery Private Limited has become an integral part of the Nepalese brewing industries as well as Nepalese lives. The talented and dynamic employees and management as well as administrative and distributive team members in the company have been working dedicatedly to keep up with the reputation and quality of the brands as well as the products, therefore, making the company the leading brewing plant in Nepal.

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