Gorkha Brewery

Situated in Nawalparasi district of Nepal, Gorkha Brewery was established in 1989 with its own foundation laid by the then Minister of the Industry Rabindra Nath Sharma and the chairman of the company Himalayan Sumsher JBR. The company established as a joint venture of Carlsberg International and local agent of Khetan Group produces Carlsberg Beer, Tuborg Beer, San Miguel Beer (under license from San Miguel Brewing International Ltd. Philippines), Royal Danish Tuborg Strong Beer and Gorkha Beer.

For over past two decades, the company has grown as a market leader holding more than seventy percent of share of Nepal’s beer market. The quality in production as per the international standards is one of the reasons for its success of becoming one of the largest foreign investment companies in Nepal. Gorkha Brewery aims to be one of the best beverage companies that cover the largest market in South-Asian Region in terms of quality, innovation and value to the stakeholders. Its objective is to perform best in producing and marketing quality products in order to provide full satisfaction to the consumers and also to achieve highest degree of competition in all area of its business.

gorkha brevery

The diligent and hard dedicated staffs working in the factory ensures the hygiene and quality of the products. Also the fact that most of the work in the factory is done by the machines that are controlled by its headquarters (outside of Nepal) ensures the work efficiency.

The three most important departments in the factory are the brew house department, bottling and labeling department and the packing department. The production takes place in the brew house department where the raw material like malt and maize are used in producing beer. The majority of the raw materials needed for the production are imported from Europe and Australia. The empty bottles are washed in a washing machine by using water and caustic at 78 to 85 degree C, according to the nature of the bottle. When cleaning is completed, the bottles are sent to filling machine where the automatic machine fills the empty bottles and also the capping is done in this department. After filling and capping the bottles, they are sent to pasteurizing tank where the bottles are sprayed by the water at 65-66 degree C. Finally, the filled bottles are stored and they are wrapped and packed in the cartoons with the company label. The packing department handles the sealing/trapping, cartoon transport and cleaning. When the bottles have passed through all these three departments, they are ready for sale.