Gudpak, the most popular sweet in Nepal

One of the most popular sweets all over Nepal, Gudpak is not only famous in Nepal but also in many parts of the world where tourists had taken it with them as a souvenir from their visits to Nepal. It is not only tasty but is also very nutritious. It is often eaten by the new mothers as it is considered to be beneficial for them. People visiting to Kathmandu make sure to take away some Gudpak with them when they return to their hometowns. It is also one of the popular koselis (gifts) to be taken home to the children and elders of the family.

Usually available in the Gudpak Bhandars in Kathmandu, this sweet is the specialty of the valley and is rarely available anywhere else in Nepal. Here is a simple recipe for making this tasty and healthy sweet.



1 lb ghee or clarified butter

4 oz gundh (edible gum)

1 lbs whole wheat flour

1 lbs brown sugar

200 ml evaporated milk

8 oz milk powder

8 oz sliced almond

1 tbsp cardamom

½ tbsp grated nutmeg (jai patri)

4 oz grated coconut

1tbsp sliced pistachios

1 tbsp sliced almonds


First of all, heat a pan and add ghee on it. When the ghee melts, fry the gundh in small portion (it pops like popcorn). Then, take it out of the ghee and keep it aside. Now, in the same pan, use the ghee to fry wheat flour until it turns to golden brown and gives sweet fragrance. Now, add brown sugar to the flour and let it melt but do not stop stirring it. Remove the pan from the heat when the sugar melts and add milk powder, evaporated milk, coconut, almonds, nutmeg and cardamom and mix it thoroughly. Now, add the fried gundh to the mixture. Take a plate and spread a teaspoon of ghee and grease it. Then, pour the mixture in the plate making it smooth and decorate the surface with the sliced nuts. Now, cut the mixture in diamond shape or any shape you desire using a knife and place it in an airtight container. You Gudpak is ready to be served any time you like.