Gulmi Bikas Bank

Update: The bank merged into Global IME Bank Limited in 2013.

Established in 2066 BS, Gulmi Bikas Bank was registered as a ‘B’ class development bank under the Company Act 2063 and Bank and Financial Institutions Act 2063. Licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank as a ‘B’ class financial institution, the bank envisions ‘socio economic prosperous society through sustainable banking. Banking with quality services through modern banking technology for the betterment of stakeholders (to its valued customers, shareholders, nationals and employees prosperity) is the mission of the bank. Gulmi Bikas Bank has made approaches such as considering professionalism as its motto, using modern banking technology in recent market, rural deprived sector women based microfinance program and focusing small skill business industry.

gulmi bikas bank

The bank with high morals and determination of completing its mission has come up with various saving, deposit and loan schemes under its banking and financial services. Some of the deposit and saving schemes offered by the bank are GBBL Normal Saving (deposit scheme designed for individuals as well as businessman), GBBL Karmachari Saving (designed especially for government and organization official), GBBL Student Saving Scheme (designed for students in order to provide them easy banking and other facilities), GBBL Women Saving (Pewa Bachat, specially designed for ladies for their future security), GBBL Child Saving Scheme designed for children and GBBL Rastrasebak Saving Scheme (designed for government staff). The saving and deposit schemes of the bank offer various facilities such as free Any Branch Banking Services (ABBS), high and attractive interest rates, free statement on demand, debit card and ATM card facilities along with cheque book and standing instructions facilities.

The bank also offers various loan and advance schemes such as Agriculture Loan (to finance the farmers to every agricultural work including livestock, Agricultural products purchase and sales, Agro Farming, etc. and to purchase, develop and cultivate agricultural and fallow/waste lands), Housing Loan (to purchase residential land and building or repairs and maintenance of the building), Business/Industrial Loan (to individual, proprietary concern, partnership firm, small and medium business and corporate), Foreign Employment Loan (for those groups of people who want to go abroad for employment), Hire Purchase Loan (to purchase new commercial and private vehicles), Personal Loan (loan granted for personal, family or household use according to their income source), Rastrasebak Sapati Loan (this loan is for those government staffs who have maintained Rastrasebak saving AC in this bank), Loan against Fixed Deposit (it is a short term basis loan) and Share Loan (it is provided against share certificate of registered company). The bank with two branch offices at Majuwa and Wami respectively has its corporate office at Putalibazar, Gulmi.

The bank merged into Global IME Bank Limited in 2013.