Hamro Bikas Bank

Update: The bank was acquired by Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited in 2019.

One of the ‘B’ class development banks in Nepal, Hamro Bikas Bank was established at Battar- 3, Nuwakot. The bank with a network of four branch offices at Battar, Trisuli, Chhahare and Ratmate offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through its branches. The bank has the policy of collecting the money from local people and lending the same to the local people again to ensure that the local community have first right to use resources collected from the local arena. Most of the employees at the bank also belong to the local community.

hamro bikas bank

The bank also has its shares listed in Nepal Stock Exchange to ensure that the general people, too, hold some of its shares and become the shareholder of the bank. The mission of Hamro Bikas Bank is to follow established banking norms and values, transparency and ethical values and provide trustworthy modern banking services, financial support and advising and suggestions to its valued customers for acting as a pioneer in socio-economic development as well as to provide benefits to its shareholders. The bank is also conducting feasibility study at Deurali, Betrawati and Ranipauwa to further expand its branches and is planning to extend its area of operation to Rasuwa and Dhading district in one year.

The bank envisions becoming one of the leading choices of customers and clients when it comes to banking and financial services. The bank to fulfill its commitment and mission has brought various schemes and products on offer to its clients along with attractive interest rates. Some of these products are Saving Account, Current Account/ Call Deposits and Term Deposits under its deposit and saving schemes and Home Loan, Hire Purchase Loan and Auto Loan under its loan and advances schemes. The bank also offers Any Branch Banking Services (ABBS), extended banking services, 365 days banking services and remittance services through its four branch offices in Nuwakot district for the convenience of its valued customers and clients.

The bank was acquired by Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited in 2019.