Hang Kook Sarang for Korean treats

The craze of the Korean movies and dramas is prevalent among the young crowds of Nepal and they have simply grown to love anything that says Korean. For them and others who love Korean treat Hang Kook Sarang is a place to be. If you want some too spicy food, then Hang Kook Sarang, located in J. P. road Thamel is your destination.

The interior of the restaurant is done in dark earthly tones with wooden tables and chairs on the inside and floor seating under the shade outside.  The miso soup served here consists of a huge bowl of spicy thin soup generously abounding in veggies and tofu. However, you need to make sure that the soup is served with the orders as they change the complimentary soup every day. Although the kimbaps offered here are not extraordinary, they are small enough for one bite and not too compact to render a sticky feeling in your mouth. The tuna kimbaps tastes fresh even though it is made from canned tuna.

korean restaurant

The Dak Bokum which comprises of chicken bites served in spicy gravy of onions, tomatoes and green chili peppers comes with lettuce, sweet soybeans, spiced bean sprouts, kimchi and gooey sauce with garlic and chopped green chili peppers. The taste of each lettuce wrap can be changed with variation in the contents and if it happens to be too spicy for you, just gulping down some sticky rice with the soup will help. And those who like pork, ask them and they can fix you a stove and a plate on your table and you can substitute the chicken with the crispy pork.

Although the sticky rice seems too spicy, this half-fried egg atop compact and colorful serving isn’t as spicy as it looks. Combined brilliantly with the flavors of tuna, kimchi and fresh chili pepper, this could be a real treat. This restaurant specializing on the Korean delicacies is a place for you to be if you are in for some spicy and eye-watering treat.