Harati Newari Restaurant

Newari cuisine has always been successful to pull foodies towards it. The use of traditional spices and important proteins constitutes the typical Newari food and if you want to try some for yourself, Harati Newari Restaurant is here to serve you.

Although it might not look good, Newari cuisine is filled with high energy food like meat, beans and other important carbohydrates. Opened more than a decade ago by Ram Krishna Maharjan, Harati Newari Restaurant is a place for authentic and healthy Newari food. He along with his brothers, has been operating the restaurant and sometimes even gets into cooking himself for special orders. Located in Nayabazaar and named after the goddess Haratimata, the restaurant had expanded from eight to ten table restaurant to a sprawling eatery under a traditional Newari stilled-roof and could serve more than 30 people.

harati newari restaurant

The guest can glimpse at the preparations because of the open kitchen system and the restaurant serves the real Newari food including brains, guts, bone-marrow and kacchila (raw meat). The Newari food mostly consists of the animal parts that might have been thought to be inedible, however, its taste could tempt you for more. The restaurant also offers Newari Set (tuccha) which constitutes of beaten rice, beans, bara and complimented by aalu-tama. The other cuisines served here include Chatamari, Bhutan, tishyaa, fish fry, choila and kacchila, the typical Newari cuisines. The spices used in the cuisines, too, are made by the staffs themselves and they use the healthy and authentic ingredients for the preparation as well. The price, too, is comparatively cheaper than most of the restaurants and you could have a stomach full of a hearty meal at minimal prices.

Although the restaurant owners do not have any plans on opening another branch, they might bring some changes to their menu which will be decided after the discussion and decision of all the members.