Harati Woolen Knitwear Private Limited

Pashmina products are considered as one of the finest woolen products that not only make you feel warm but also give a sophisticated and fashionable look to your wardrobe. It is also one of the largely exported goods of Nepal. There are various companies and fashion houses that specialize in manufacturing and marketing of Pashmina products. One among the many is the Harati Woolen Knitwear Private Limited.

A government registered manufacturer, whole seller and exporter of exclusive quality Pashmina and Cashmere sweaters, shawls, mufflers, hats, glove and other weaved and knitwear products and accessories, Harati Woolen Knitwear Private Limited is committed to offering quality products to  their clients and customers. A renowned diversified handicrafts group, it specializes in manufacturing, fabrication and export of world-class plain and designer Pashminas and cashmeres, weaving and knitting, dyeing, sampling, designing, stitching, fabrics printing, embroidery, wraps, fabrics and accessories and more on oriental as well as western fashions.


The weaving and knitting all its Pashmina and cashmere products are done at its factory in Kathmandu by the hands of the experienced and skilled human resources. Over the years, the company has expanded its services, however, its commitment has always stayed the same, customer satisfaction through quality products and services. Established with the mission of developing, promoting and aggressively marketing Nepali Pashmina and cashmere, the company has been stayed loyal to its mission along with providing a decent livelihood to a large number of people associated with its as its employees.

The company known worldwide for the quality of its products has been providing composite services to its customers along with successfully rendering services to renowned national and international business firms, fashion houses, clothing stores and departmental chains, etc. The company registered at the Government of Nepal is associated with Nepal Pashmina Industry Association, Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal, Office of the cottage and small scale industries, Department of Industries, Trade mark Registration, Department of Industries and Planet Finance Nepal.

The company manufactures products under Pashmina products (such as 100 percent Pashmina shawl, Pashmina/Silk blended products), Harati’s Fabrics (handmade fabrics inspired by Kashmiri textile design of the 18th century that are manufactured in 100 %, 70/30 percent Pashmina/silk and 50/50 % Pashmina/silk combination) and Harati Fabricates (offers high quality and fashionable quality Pashmina/silk attires tailored, beaded, embroidered and dyed with elegance to meet the demands of the international customers). The Pashmina and cashmere products manufactured and marketed by the company include long coats, ponchos, ladies capes, pullover, jumpers, wraps, baby blanket, nightgowns, fashionable ladies modern and casual wears, head wears, sweaters, shawls and other accessories. The company offers its products through its showroom Harati Pashmina Traders located on the way to Vaishali Hotel and below to Krua Thai Restaurant opposite to Bank of Kathmandu in Thamel.

For further details on the company and its products, contact:

Harati Woolen Knitwear Private Limited

Thamel- 29, Kathmandu, Nepal

Email: dsrharati@wlink.com.np

Website: www.haratiwear.com