Hemanta Sharma

Hemanta Sharma is a well known name in the Nepali music industry. Although none of the member in his family ever belonged to music or even there was no one in the neighborhood who was least into music, he developed a deep interest towards music. As a child, he enjoyed listening music in the radios and as his father’s job transferred him to different places of Nepal form Terai to hill, Sharma, moving along with his father, got a chance of listening to every kind of song. He was touched by the music and he unknowingly got closer to it. He sang his first song for his teacher while he was in grade six in Kapilvastu. Later, it was only during his college that he sang song on the stage for the first time. Even though he sang only for three and half minutes, he got huge response and appreciation from the audience. Also, the people’s perception had changed after listening to his song, however, he feels he was overvalued at the time.

After few years, he formed a band ‘Ankuran Sangeet Samuha’ with Manoj Shrestha (singer of the popular song chari bharara) on vocals and guitar, Suresh Poudel on bass, Suman Adhikari and Sanjay Bajimaya on drums, Surya Rana on keyboard and Rajesh Amatya on the guitar. They used to do cover songs of the Hindi and English songs when they were in Bhairawa. It all happened during the year 1993 when people in Bhairawa did not listen to Nepali songs. They started performing few Nepali songs along with Hindi and English and slowly the fifty percent of the song they performed were Nepali and this way, they started the culture of performing Nepali songs at concerts there. It was his desire to do something in Nepali music that brought him to Kathmandu. Although he told everyone he came here for studies, he never went to attend the classes, not a single day. He started performing in a ghazal restaurant as a part time singer. He released his first album ‘O Priye’ in 2057 BS and two years later, he came up with a second album, ‘Bishes’ and in 2061 Bs, his third album Lokpriya was released that became a landmark in the music industry. His latest album Aatmiya was released in the year 2063 BS.

He works at Oriental Insurance Company where he worked with the wife of Late Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal for seven years. Some of the popular songs like ‘Maya Sarai Mahango’, Maya Dinchu Bhanne le’ adds up to his credit. He, however, does not have interest in playback music.