The Heritage Kitchen and Bar

The Heritage Kitchen and Bar situated at Deva’s Arcade in Thamel is one of the recent and lesser known locations. The building is done in medieval architecture and the flight of stairs taking you to the restaurant takes you through the company of galleries, studios, relics resting on busts inside the art shops. The beautifully set dining area is accompanied by a kitchen and there is also a wonderfully decorated lounge with apple couches.

The menu is not as varied as you might expect looking at the architecture and name of the place as it does not explore too much into the Nepali cuisines. However, they do have a Nepali cuisines and a lot of continental with streaks of Chinese that are quite overwhelming. Chunks of deep-fried skinned potatoes served with a generous dip of powdered wild peppers offered as Mustang fried aalu makes up a perfect appetizer. Although crispy on the outsides, the potatoes are mushy on the inside and are slightly dehydrated yet abounding in smell of the soil. It is moderately salted so that you could use your discretion for how spicy you want it. It is accompanied with prawn cocktail served in a salad glass with a generous serving of dressing and shredded greens on the plate. The prawn dangles by the rim of the glass without the dressing and a dip into the dressing lets you have a succulent rich flavor.

heritage restaurantThe roasted prime steak and the chicken roulade is a safe choice for the main course. The steak is sliced for the convenience of the guest and is tender from outside to inside. In the inside, the roasted steak goes to being chewy and soft from being crunchy and pleasantly charred. Going great with balsamic and basic seasoning to keep out the smell of the meat, it is accompanied by potatoes and spaghetti. The chicken roulade has two huge rolls put together on a bed of luscious creamy sauce and serving of rice and accompanying veggies which not only tastes good but also look delicious. Panna cotta served in a bed of light vanilla flavored syrup topped with caramel piping and a twig of mint is a perfect dessert to end the dinner.

The staffs are friendly and professional and the ambience of the Heritage Kitchen and Bar is warm and homey. It is one of the best places to drop by for appetizers and the steaks and you could also sit around for dinner if you wish and are willing to spend three thousand rupees on a meal for two, which might prove to be worth it.