Hitler Ra Yahudi by BP Koirala

Written by BP Koirala, the book Hitler Ra Yahudi tells the story of the tortures faced by the Yahudis or the Jews community during the reign of Adolf Hitler in Germany. The German tyrant had given tortures and brutally murdered many, almost all of the Jews with the few exceptions of those who were hidden. The book explains the same context and time.

Penned by the famous Nepali political leader as well as literary figure BP Koirala, the novel explains the fear among the Jews of the time in such a way that reading the book itself sends chills to your spines. Such a heart breaking and shattering state of the Jews people during the rule of Hitler is explained in such a way that you could almost visualize and feel the pain and the fear of life that the Jews went through.

hitler ra yahudi

The book Hitler Ra Yahudi (Hitler and the Jews) explains how the Jews were searched throughout the country and sent into those large gas chambers to burn them alive. The German soldiers combed down every street and every house to search for them and when found, held them as prisoners. Hitler was determined to end all the Jews from the face of the earth.

The book is written in a form of travelogue and was published around the 1950s. One of the many literary works of BP Koirala, the book, however, did not find much popularity compared to his other works. BP Koirala is of the most prominent and influential idol in Nepal and has not only been able to establish himself as a successful political leader but also as a popular and successful literary figure. His other works include Sumnima, Doshi Chasma, Tin Ghumti, Aama, Babu ra Chora, etc.