Hulas Steel

Established jointly in 1981 as a Greenfield venture by Golchha Organization of Nepal and Comcraft of Switzerland, Hulas Steel is one of the leading steel products manufacturers of Nepal. Founded in 1934 AD, Golchha Organization has been heading industries and commercial development in the country and has pioneered the introduction of technical excellence, professionalism and innovation in all spheres of business. Comcraft, too, is involved in many types of industries including steel rolling, galvanizing, aluminum smelting, continuous pre-coating on aluminum steels, etc.

hulas steelEstablished as the joint venture of these two successful companies, Hulas Steel manufactures CRM products such as Full Hard Cold Rolled Sheet in Coils (CRC), Annealed Cold Rolled Sheet in Coils (CRC) and Cut to length sheets, for roofing sheets, it manufactures, Galvanized Sheet, Color Coated Sheet that are pre painted, Shapes like plain corrugated and roll-formed, Paint Shop such as Polyester paint for color coated sheets and Roofing Accessories such as standard ridge covers, standard flashing, standard box gutter, fasteners, J-Hook, L-Hook, self-trapping screw, stitching screws and rivets, pipe fittings such as Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings such as sockets, elbows, tees and unions and Cast Iron Castings such as manhole covers, Steel pipes such as Galvanized Iron Pipes (GI Pipes), Black pipes such as structural, commercial quality pipes, casing and slotted pipes and conduits and Sections such as square hollow section (square pipes), rectangular pipe, angles (equal), light channel, light gauge steel lipped channel, lipped zed sections, rolling shutter profiles, door/ windows profiles, etc., Structure and poles such as Swaged Poles – tubular and folding poles, and telescopic poles – galvanized and telescopic poles, Light section and open sections, expanded metals, eight meter tank, four meter tank, zinc chloride and rough round wire, Telecom accessories like anchoring eye, bridal ring, earth conductor clamp, thimbles, pin type bracket, stay system, suspension clamp, U-bolt and nuts along with providing engineering services such as design, drawing, detailing, HVAC jobs, civil works, piping works and telecommunication and transmission works.

Other services provided by Hulas Steel include steel structure design, steel structure drawing, telecom equipment installation, turnkey work, construction works and civil works. As a manufacturer of galvanized sheets, the company has kept modernizing its plants and adding new products over the years. The various ranges of products (mentioned above) manufactured by the company can be classified broadly into five groups that are roofing (galvanized and color coated), black and galvanized pipes (round and section), malleable cast iron pipe fitting, engineering products (poles, tower, steel, bridges, cross arms, etc.) and cold rolled sheets. Its factory is located in Simra in Bara district of Nepal and it also has liaison office in Kolkata, Delhi, Siliguri and Singapore.

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Hulas Steel
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